In the Power of the Spirit

A believers' guide to ministering healing

Every true believer desires to be used of the Lord, to walk on this earth like Jesus did and to preach the gospel like the first believers did. The challenge is that this desire has not being met with the knowledge that is needed to give it action.
This book presents a simple bible presentation of this knowledge that has been distilled from scriptures and the experience of the author.

In this book my goal is to introduce the believer to the same quality of information that I believe was behind the ministries of the early Church and to help the reader experience by the Spirit a similar kind of outcome as they did.
Jesus is at the center of this book just as He is in the center of every true bible based ministry and life.

May your life be transformed by you’re the experience of Jesus that I pray you encounter as you read this book.
Tonye Oliver is called by Jesus Christ to take ‘His healing power to this generation’ together with his wife Bike they lead Jesus Heals the Sick Ministries based in Lagos Nigeria.

He is a published author of several books, newsletters and the magazine The Power that Heals the Sick.
He hosts the Healing Where You Are broadcast on the Supernatural Online Tv Network and ministers in crusades, healing schools and the Apostolic Ministers Conference round the country and abroad.

He is a member of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria Lagos Chapter where he has served in executive capacity at different levels and of the International Fellowship of Ministries (IFM) based in Seattle, Washington State USA

He currently lives in Lagos with his family.

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The Ministry Continues

"Jesus before his ascension to heaven commanded his disciples to continue this ministry of deliverance, many Christians have the impression that only those we call ministers have been commissioned to minister but this is far from the truth, Jesus expected all committed believers to continue this ministry in his name.

In John 14:12a he said “he that believes in me the work that I do shall he do and greater work than these shall he do also.
In Mark 16: he said “these signs shall follow them that believe…” do you believe? Then signs ought to follow you as you preach the gospel.

It is important to realize that through you Jesus continues his ministry of preaching, teaching and healing, the Church is His body, where the Church is, He is, where the Church goes, He goes.

Jesus had enough faith in his Church to invest such tremendous spiritual resources to it through His name and by the anointing of the Spirit; this means that Jesus has faith in you that you will do his works....."

God's remedy for man's problems.. Chapter 4 page 47

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